3 More Questions You Should Ask Your Structural Engineers

A structural engineer’s job is to ensure the property you own is strong and safe enough to live in. Generally, they work hard to determine a structure's integrity, strength, and durability. They also identify any structure-related problems and create actionable solutions to solve them.

That being said, if you have never worked with a structural engineer before but want to know more about them, you have plenty of questions you need to ask. Here are three questions you should be asking them:

1) How Much Does an Inspection Cost?
In many cases, an engineering firm will charge you by the hour, although it will also depend on the project. For instance, you can expect to pay anywhere between 200 to 400 dollars an hour, although you will need to check with the firm you want to work with once again.

If your inspection takes around two hours, prices can fall anywhere from 400 up to 800 dollars. More complex projects can charge you much higher—up to double the price. However, rushing through them is not a good idea, as a thorough job is required to ensure no mistakes are made, especially since they can lead to severe consequences.