A lookback – top 10 piercing trends in 2021

1. Daith Piercings
Daith piercing is a piercing that may include the core and the center of the ear's helix. This is the most delicate and charming piercing that has been used since the 1990s. It has a great trend in 2021.

2. Ear Cuffs Around the Inner Conch
Ear cuffs are the perfect mix of edgy and feminine, giving you ease from day to night. Ear cuffs around the inner couch give your personality a more attractive look, and it is a great way to experiment with piercing on different parts of your body.
3. Dainty Nose Studs
Nose piercing is trendy nowadays; nose rings look modish with guys; although painful, it will completely change your appearance. You can wear nose rings and nose studs.

4. Tragus Piercings
Tragus piercing occurs on the small area of the cartilage, which mainly covers your ear's canal area. Cartilage is the outer part of your ear that is best for being pierced. Tragus piercing is one of the most interesting and astonishing piercings that give you a slightly different look.

5. Ear piercings
It is one of the top-listed piercings. The ear lobe is one of the most common piercings, and it looks super cool and trendy. It is less painful and takes less time to heal; there is no restriction of age to pierce the ear lobe, it is super easy, and it can be useful to ensure your threshold level.

6. Eyebrow piercing
Eyebrow piercing is one of the coolest piercings; it will completely change your look; it is painful and takes more time to recover, but it is all worth it. Someone will no longer ignore a guy with an eyebrow piercing.

7. Nipple piercing
It is also very famous among guys; there is no chance of changing appearance through this piercing, but one can do it by their own choice; it can be very painful and take more time to recover. Nipple piercing should be recovered in 5-6 weeks if proper care is taken because it is the most complicated site.

8. Navel piercing
Models and actresses love navel pierc