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All You Must Know About The Bahamas

All You Must Know About The Bahamas

Submitted by • September 28, 2020

The Archipelago of the Bahamas is an ecological oasis spread over 100,000 square miles of ocean, starting just 50 miles off Florida ‘s coast. It contains 700 spectacular islands, over 2,000 rocks, and cays, and boasts the planet’s clearest water — with a visibility of more than 200 miles. You can see your toes as clearly as the third-largest fringing barrier reef in the world does.

Also, with their fame, there are some things you wouldn’t learn about The Bahamas without going there yourself, including the fact that at Big Major Cay, you can swim with pigs or that the island has an interesting past of pirates. If you’re planning a trip to The Bahamas, you must know about the Bahamas.

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