ayurvedic treatment for kidney stones in chennai

The scientific reasons of kidney problems, associated with kidney stones, are actually an impact of bodily dehydration. Urinary stones are generally developed by calcium, phosphates or oxalates. The main parts of the urinary tract are the kidney, ureter, bladder and urethra. The stones are developed primarily in the kidney and moreover at times continue to be there without having identified for a long time frame. In specific cases they tend to be slowly and gradually dissolved or even dislodged and come all the way down, and thus in the course of this particular process, they end up stuck in some sort of narrow part of the tract, giving rise to unbearable painful sensation.

Stones are usually developed inside the body mainly because of vayu. It produces some sort of dryness within the body because of which unfortunately the specific chemical substances start accumulating throughout the nucleus, which in the long run acquire the particular shape of a stone. At times the whole kidney happens to be filled up with these kinds of stones and it again becomes calcified and stops functioning. However, if urine is normally not excreted by way of the kidneys or excreted in very small quantities, uremia sets in and then leads to quite a few complications. The same phenomenon normally takes place if in case a piece of stone gets stuck in ureter or bladder

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