Best Cbse High School in Kolkata

Any parent today goes through the dilemma of selecting top-performing schools for their children’s admission. All a parent desires for is their child to be safe and happy while learning and growing with quality education. So what does quality education mean with the perspective of a parent? What to do they look for while searching CBSE Schools in Kolkata, CBSE Schools in South Kolkata or even the Best CBSE High School in Kolkata?

The curriculum: The first thing any parent wants is that their child learns right. Times change, technologies change and so do the perspectives. Does the school curriculum cater to the latest educational standards? Does it give equal weightage to academic as well as co-scholastic activities? An ideal curriculum bridges the gap between the knowledge needs, collegiate level learning and the job market.

Pedagogy: Quality of teaching comes second. Teachers who are passionate about their subjects and diligent towards working for overall growth and development of children are the real asset of a school. A parent would want to see a growth emotionally apart from intellectual growth in their child, and teachers play a pivotal role in the same.

Activities: Academic knowledge builds resilience and enriches the mind while a playground builds physical and mental strength as well. Physical fitness and regular exposure of fresh air and sunlight nurture optimism and positive outlook in children. A vast playground with a wide variety of sports options is what parents look for.

Facilities: Does the school have a high-quality library? What about practical sessions labs for Maths, Science, English and Foreign languages? Does the canteen serve safe and delicious food? These are all the general concerns a parent has.

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