Commercial Pilot License Training Course Step

The Commercial Pilot License Training course is a step-by-step guide to all the important aspects individuals aspiring to become a Commercial Pilot must consider. It is an understanding of the admission process, training to finally attaining the Commercial Pilot License (CPL).
Step 1: Starting with the most basic requirement of completing 10+2 with subjects Physics, Math & Chemistry.

Step 2: Undergoing a complete medical assessment to ensure you are physically capable to perform the job in whichever situation. FAA Medical Certificate is a must.

Step 3: Apply for your unique pilots computer number, to verify your identity, address and other relevant details to the DGCA.

Step 4: Apply For DGCA pilot exams. It will ensure your knowledge and skills in the field.

Step 5: To attain a Commercial Pilot License you must complete 200 hrs of flying, Preferably 180 hours of flying in single-engine aircraft, 20 hours of flying in multi engine & 20 hours of flying in multi-engine simulator
Step 6: Consider all career prospects of the field. You can join airlines or prefer ground training.