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Yarns are referred to different fibres spun together like strands in 2 ply or more to create a bundle. There are various types of yarns that are available to create various types of garments. Yarns come from 3 origins:

Animal Origin
Plant Origin

Animal Origin yarns include:


It is made from the fleece of sheep and is the most popular choice for knitters. It is usually used to make winter wear. It is a natural fibre and is popular for retaining its shape and lasting for a long time. However, it can be a little itchy for a few people.


This is a very soft type of wool, extracted from Cashmere goats. It is not as strong as the sheep wool though. This is also a very expensive type of wool as the extraction process is quite tedious. As compared to regular sheep wool, which is shorn, Cashmere wool has to be combed and collected. This requires a lot of time and extensive manual work. Also, the amount of fibre collected per animal is quite less making the fabric much more expensive and exclusive.

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