Dive Into Authentic Learning in K-12 Education with Adebayo Alomaja | SELIN Academy

Join us now for an enriching journey into the realm of authentic learning in K-12 education! Transition from merely being a teacher to becoming a dynamic learning designer, equipped to shape the future of education. On May 18, 2024, at 06:30 AM EST, SELIN Academy proudly presents a groundbreaking webinar led by Chief Learning Designer Adebayo, hailing from Lagos State, Nigeria. In this transformative session, discover the power of authentic learning, shifting from exam-centric approaches to real-world relevance. Redefine classroom experiences, turning traditional spaces into hubs of limitless potential. Explore the pivotal role of context over textbooks, and delve into Context Investment (CI), equipping yourself with the latest knowledge for impactful learning designs. Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your teaching approach. Reserve your spot now and seize the early bird offer! Register today to unlock the visionary prowess needed to craft extraordinary learning environments.