House/Residential Window Tinting Rotorua | Dr. Tint Rotorua

House/residential window tinting service in Rotorua. Dr. Tint Rotorua is one of the leading and trusted house and residential window tinting service providers in Rotorua. Our house/residential window tinting service increases your safety by protecting you from harmful IR rays. It is also ideal to obstruct the ultraviolet rays of the sun. It helps in heat reduction and maintains the inside temperature. Dr. Tint Rotorua is a trusted house/residential window tinting service company.
We are a team of working professionals and have years of experience in house and residential window tinting. We work and only install films that are approved as per government norms. We are one of the affordable Residential or Home window tinting service providers in Rotorua. House/residential window tinting is currently being used heavily by many residential as well as commercial units.

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