How Blockchain based Crypto wallets Secures your online transactions?

How Blockchain based Crypto wallets Secures your online transactions?

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Blockchain not only provides technology to build solutions for industries like financial services, healthcare, digital identity, digital contracts but also offers a platform for crypto wallet development and online payment solutions. Blockchain-powered crypto wallets ensure that users’ cryptocurrencies are safe from threats and hacks while enabling their exchange on different crypto trading platforms.A blockchain is a distributed database of records, or a public ledger of transactions or digital events that have been executed within the system. The premise of the underlying technology is that one centralised authority is not controlling or overseeing the transactions that take place and the record-keeping of those transactions rather, a network of participants verifies the transaction by consensus, and once entered into the ledger, the transaction is irreversible.Blockchain is the biggest innovation in this modern business world to make the payment gateway safer for users. If we talk about blockchain wallets or a blockchain wallet application, they are designed mainly for fast and secure online payment management. It has made the payment system easier than ever. Due to this fact, the demand and popularity of the blockchain wallet development have continuously increased.

How exactly an online transaction works?
It is a password protected payment method that authorizes transfer of funds over an electronic fund transfer(EFT).When you complete an online fund transaction through EFT by using your debit card with a personal identification number(PIN).
When the exchange of fund is completed through EFT network, the cost of these transactions typically amounts an inter charge fee. which means a fixed percentage of your total transaction cost.

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