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How Is Helpful In Telecom Industry?

How Is Helpful In Telecom Industry?

Submitted by • March 25, 2020

Who knew that a day would come when the whole world would be working from home? But, yet this is happening under the most untoward situations, the Coronavirus epidemic. However, companies and businesses are still running remotely, and the IPs in Telecom industry are to be thanked for that.

IP or Internet Protocol is nothing but the internet and this is what is enabling employees to work from home and still provide the much-needed services to their clients. In a bigger context, businesses are dependent on the internet, and here we are talking about IP blocks which businesses buy for their web servers to be able to provide a secure connection to customers to access their websites. To connect with the outside world, a business needs to buy Public IP Address. A public IP address may be changed quite frequently by the ISP.

What is a static IP address? How to get a static IP address?
Now, a business (their Network Administrator) can make manual changes to their public IP or dynamic IP t

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