How to Choose the Right Crochet Hook?

For many, crocheting is the ultimate tool for relaxation. With the perfect set of tools, it becomes more so. As you get more involved into the craft, one naturally wants to explore options and explore all the different types of crochet hooks. From basic beginner sets to specialized hooks made using precious metals and ergonomic grips, one can choose from a wide range of hooks that can be used to crochet various projects.

Lets quickly take a look at some types and sizes of crochet hooks that you can choose for your projects.

Basic Crochet Hooks

The average crochet hooks are more likely where you will start your journey from. They come in sizes ranging from sizes – 9, 10, 12, 15 and 20 mm. Sometimes, you can also find crochet hooks from E-J. Size E would be the smallest while J would be the largest. Typically, you will need to match your crochet hook size to yarn weight which is printed on the yarn label.

Type of Crochet Hooks

The most common hooks are available in plastic. However, you can also find hooks made in steel, aluminum, bamboo, Tunisian and even ergonomic hooks with large and soft handles. There are also crochet hooks with a hook on both ends. These are called ‘cro’ hooks.

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