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How to Send AND Receive Fax From Your Computer?

How to Send AND Receive Fax From Your Computer?

Submitted by • March 31, 2020

Sending and receiving fax online is a piece of cake. To send a fax simply login to your online account or you can also configure your online fax service to work with your webmail provider (such as Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail) or with Outlook. To send a fax simply enter the fax number you are sending along with any other information specified by your internet fax provider. Attach any needed documents, include a message if you wish, and click send! Viola, that's it! No need to feed fax pages or put up with busy signals.
Receiving faxes is just as easy. Your fax number works like any other number and you can receive faxes from any fax machine in the world. The only difference is that your faxes will be received online and via your computer from where you can view it and decide if it needs to be printed out, deleted, stored or forwarded.

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