How to start poultry feed production ?

As the number of commercially raised livestock, poultry and other animals continues to increase, the need for food has also grown and the use of pellets is becoming more widespread. Animals like cattle, goats, rabbits, pigeons, pigs, chicken, sheep and fish can all be fed with pellets, and these pellets are considered to be a great source of balanced nutrients for the animals. The need for bigger and more robust animal feed pellet makers is growing to cater for the growing animal feed demand and it is important to familiarize with the aspects of animal feed pellet mill if you are looking to understand or purchase one.

Animal feed pellet machine is a machine specially designed for animal feed making. Animal feed making machine with soybean meal, corn, fish meal, grain as raw materials, with a variety of nutritional additives, made into feed pellets. For different kinds of animals, we have specialized varieties of animal feed pellet machine, to accurately adapt to the breeding needs. It is suitable for cattle, sheep, rabbits, chickens, ducks, horses and various fish and birds feed pellet making. And because of its ease of use, the animal feed making machine has been more and more widely used in farmers. Next, there are several examples of different animal farmers for the animal feed making machine.

Straw and hay are the main feed sources for cattle. Hay is very easy to obtain in spring, summer and autumn, but winter forage feed needs to be stored in advance. Cattle feed made by cattle feed pellet mill can be easily stored so that even in the winter, cattle can eat forage. We also have the hay pellet mill which is specially used for processing hay. The hay feed pellets made by dry in and dry out principle can be stored for a long time and will not be moldy.

In the daily chicken raising process, the farmer found that ordinary chicken feed is very easy to cause indige

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