In India, a Ridger tractor implement is one of the essential farming implements.. The best farming implement for creating ridges in row crops like potatoes and sugarcane is a ridger. By cutting and turning the soil in opposite directions, the Ridger is a tool for preparing the ground for row crops. It works with tractors with 35 to 110 HP. It is also known as a furrower, ridging plough, double MB plough, and middle buster plough. Ridger implements are only used after the land has been tilled once or twice and when the soil is moist. There are numerous ridger machine models on the market, but the farmer wants the best.. The top products on the market are Fieldking's Disc Ridger, Disc with Roller Ridger, and Tyne Ridger. Disc FKDR-1, Disc with Roller FKDRR-1, and Tyne FKTRT-3 are a few of its well-known models.