Know Your Wool: Lambswool & Merino wool

Choosing between Lambswool and Merino Wool can be quite the cumbersome job at times. Sometimes one may not find any difference between the two. And more often than not, you can see garments/yarns listed as 25% lambswool, 45% merino or so.

Universally, the only difference between wools is measured in microns. Microns are the diameter of the follicle of wool. Since wool is a natural fiber, it has follicles like our own hair. It is measured through a microscope and the smaller the micron count, the softer the wool is. Obviously the smaller the micron count, the more expensive the wool.

The natural characteristic of the fiber comes at a later step. These characteristics include waviness, flexibility, crimp, insulation properties, affordability, sourcing, draping, etc. Different kinds of yarn in the world are usually graded with these characteristics in mind. Today, let's take a closer look at Lambswool and Merino wool.

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