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High rigid & long stroke (up to 300 mm) drill units with compact size, variety of models available for wide range of machining requirements High quality servo motor for feed & precise ball screw designed eliminate feed rate fluctuation of feed speed by drilling forces; less burr generation for through hole drilling and longertool life, High precision, high efficiency, less space and cost reduction that are Critical for the machining operation can be gained.

High quality Drilling – The fluctuation of feed speed is eliminated by the precision angular bearing supporting spindle and the high quality ball screw. As the result the generation of burr is reduced and the tool life is reduced.
High rigid precision Structure – Rigid structure the spindle ball screw and linear guide making the drill unit body rigid and strong enough to step and spot facing and burnishing drill
High efficient deep hole drilling – Coolant center through is available for Mechatronic series for efficient deep hole drilling by oil hole drill tool
High flexibility – Spindle rotation is varied by attached inverter. Optimize speeds to adapt to different cutting requirements
Multi job loading Option/Multi axis operation – More than one job can be loaded for alternate operation /available as per requirement
Easy Operation – 5.7” touch panel type colour display makes it easy to make CNC programming and operate even for a beginner operator.