Location: Iran

Buy a house in the best location in Tabriz Home

Tabriz Home helps us to find the best property we want in the best location and with a more suitable amount House for rent in Valiasr and el Goli areas Sale of... Read More

Virma Fashion and Clothing Online Store In Virma you can find everything related to children's and women's fashion and clothing; Find everything from clothes, bags and shoes to cosmetics... Read More

Sadra foolad Zafar Manufacturer of metal materials

Sadrafulad Zafar This group has been operating since 1372 in the field of producing various types of covering sheets for sheds, buildings, villas with sinusoidal shutter patterns, trapezoidal shutters, Palermo pottery,... Read More

backerco is a manufacturer of medical equipment

An ultrasonic bath or ultrasonic cleaner is a device that uses ultrasound frequencies (the same waves that ultrasound generates) to quickly and accurately remove all types of contaminants from different... Read More

sandwich panel is building masterial

Types of sandwich panels Install them in different parts of a building and different buildings Such as sheds, factories, cold storages and… are done. So these panels are divided into 4 types based... Read More