Location: Slovenia

V vseh naših parfumih uporabljamo 95% enake luksuzne esence in olja, kot jih uporabljajo znane blagovne znamke, preostalih 5% sestavin pa smo zamenjali z bolj trajnostnimi sestavinami, ki ne vsebujejo škodljivih parabenov in... Read More

It smells, soothes, is visually appealing, we want to be near it all the time, and it has only positive effects on us… Although the better half comes to mind... Read More

INTERIOR IS SYNONYM FOR WELL-BEING IN YOUR OWN HOME In order to feel as comfortable as possible in your home and to make the most of the functionality of your living... Read More

For a long time now, it has been clear to every Instagram user that the platform is not just for fun and posting highlights from personal life. Every serious company... Read More