Micro Mobility Market In-Depth Analysis | BIS Research Report

Micro mobility is viewed as an innovative transportation strategy which has demonstrated a great potential for congestion mitigation. As per research studies, on an average, Americans have lost 99 hours a year due to traffic congestion, micro mobility startups are emerging as a potential alternative for overcoming the increasing need for reducing traffic congestion.
The global micro mobility market competitive landscape consists of different strategies undertaken by key players across the industry to gain traction and market share presence.
Some of the most prominent ecosystem players are Lime, Bird Rides, Inc., Skip, Mobike, Spin, Uber Technologies, Inc., Yulu Bikes Pvt. Ltd., TIER Mobility, Ofo, Lyft, Inc., DiDiChuxing, Neuron Mobility, Beam Mobility Holdings Pte. Ltd., VOI, and Hellobike.