Mother's Day gifts: jewelry styles for all moms

Whether it's Mother's Day, a birthday, a special occasion or nothing else, jewelry is a timeless and precious symbol of love and gratitude. As Mother's Day approaches, pick a heartfelt piece of jewelry for your own mother.

Is your mother a sporty mom, a fashionable mom, a classic mom or a mom who likes to DIY? Different styles of jewelry suit different mothers. Learn more about what kind of jewelry is right for your mom below.
Jewelry gifts for new moms
For mothers who have just had a little baby, there is the joy of being a new mother and the apprehension of being a new mother. You can commemorate this important moment by giving her a piece of jewelry on this heartwarming Mother's Day. Babies love to scratch and feel around, so new mothers should avoid dangling earrings, while diamond studs can prevent baby from scratching and are also a fashionable choice.


Jewelry gifts for sporty moms
Sporty moms like to jog, play tennis and do yoga. Sneakers, workout clothes and water bottles are always around. Since the athletic mom is always on the go, she needs jewelry that matches her energetic lifestyle. For example, a stacked tennis bracelet or ring.

Jewelry Gifts for the Fashionable Mom
The fashionable mom is in tune with the latest fashion trends and is not afraid to try new things. She is chic, sophisticated, and loves gifts that stand out. This type of mom is more suited to novelty jewelry.

Jewelry Gifts for the DIY Mom
The DIY mom is the true artisan. She will be seen making her own curtains, sewing clothes, or advising and creating fun creative crafts for her kids. Perhaps she also enjoys making her own jewelry. Whatever the job, she can turn it into something magical with her ingenuity. A gift of handcrafted artwork encrusted with gemstones is all she needs to make her heart happy.

Jewelry gifts for the quintessentia