Mutton Keema Pickle 1kg

The mutton keema pickle is a simple and mouth-watering dish made using minced mutton. Made with juicy mutton and cooked to perfection, the pickle retains dense flavors in each bite. Gently cooked over a slow flame, the pickle will have your taste buds going crazy.

The combinations with Mutton Keema Pickle are endless because you can use minced meat in almost any dish. Make keema-pav or get creative with keema biryani. Simply pair it with curd rice, dal rice, or eat a spoonful of keema pickle on its own. The Mutton Keema Pickle is a versatile feast of its own.

50 days shelf life

Halal meat is used for the preparation of the pickle.

Ingredients: Boneless mutton(halal) chunks, groundnut oil, lemon, ginger, garlic, salt, chilli powder, spices.

Weight: 1kg

Note :

Store in a Glass Container (Don’t expose pickle to air)
Refrigerate after opening
Don’t use a wet spoon
For retaining freshness maintain an oil layer on top