Powerfull auto coin select trading bot

Powerfull auto coin select trading bot
An awesome community of traders
TradeQ has evolved massively since its first release. Nowadays the software is almost completely based on community input.

The community of thousands of active traders is what makes TradeQ great. New strategies and trading features are almost always based on input from power users and tested extensively before public release. Check out the overview of all TradeQ features to learn more about what you can expect.
Bot trading done right
Innovative strategies
Choose from 20+ preset trading strategies with tested default settings. Using over 150 different parameters, you can customize every strategy to your trading style.
Unlimited trading pairs
There are no limits to the amount of trading pairs TradeQ can actively trade. You decide if you want to trade just one or one hundred markets simultaneously.
Additional trailing
Use configurable price trailing options to get even better trades. This way trades are only placed when prices stopped moving in a certain direction.
Don't try to beat a dynamic market with a static strategy. TradeQ is the only trading bot that offers rule based, dynamic config changes. Use built-in filter rules or code your own.
Visual targets
Using the TradingView charting library the targets of a trading strategy are clearly visualized. This way you can easily tune your strategy without even leaving the chart.

Why many traders choose TradeQ
TradeQ is perfect when you want to accelerate your crypto trading. It allows you to trade profitably 24/7.
It's likely the most privacy friendly trading bot out there, TradeQ collects no data at all about the trades users make. Unlike many other bots, this is not a cloud service. Your trades remain private between you and your exchange.
Privacy first
The software runs on your own device and collects no data about your usage.
For security purposes, the API secrets used to connect to exchanges are only saved on your own device.