Precast Concrete Product Machine Manufacturer – GCI Groups

APS is a one-stop solution enabling our customers to optimize their production of wet cast products be it manhole bases, risers, eccentric and concentric cones or catch basins etc. This modular system has been designed, to maximize production with its ergonomic design and reduced dependence on overhead material handling equipment and labor. The degree of automation and additional features can be provided on customer request.

This system can be customised as per your requirement, thereby, enabling the use of existing molds. GCI’s molds come with special features to decrease lead times associated with production. The maximum size of round and square products that can be cast on this system is 72’ x 6’ and 6’ x 3’ respectively. APS is rated for a maximum load capacity of 15 tonnes. However, the system can be redesigned to accommodate and produce heavier wet cast products.

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