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Rose Water Spiritual Benefits

Rose Water Spiritual Benefits

Submitted by • July 20, 2020

In many religions, modern spirituality, paganism, and civilizations, the rose and rosewater are used in ceremonies and rituals for special occasions and daily practices. Roses have the highest vibration (electronic frequency) of all the flowers and their Scent is closely associated with angels. After mixed with other ingredients, rosewater is used for cleansing and connecting with the highest energies and with the heart.

Few things are very important to spiritual traditions like water. Water is life, from the water in a baptismal font to the bottles of Florida water cologne used in hoodoo. It is associated with cleansing, healing, emotions, and involved in everything from spiritual hygiene to offerings for the spirits and ancestors. Learning to harness the power of spiritual water is a crucial part of the education of any healer, spirit worker, or priest.

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