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Who is Welcome to Use the Platform?
PureKonect welcomes anyone to join and chatting with your online friends chat. All emancipated minors, have to be compelled to request and supply parental or fiduciary consent before getting a degree account on our platform and suffer PureKonect to review all authorization documents. PureKonect welcomes anyone UN agency is seeking to form community and connectedness honest like people with individuals from all walks of life.
PureKonect welcomes anyone UN agency is several of the ethical rights and views of varied users. PureKonect is most popular social media platforms 2022 .
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The PureKonect Commitment to Privacy
PureKonect is committed to not selling your content, personal data, or knowledge to governments or fully completely different personal entities to a lower place under any circumstance. All the information that's collected can perpetually be used among the PureKonect social network, for the only real purpose of constructing your expertise on this platform pleasant, and person-centered.
PureKonect goes to a nice extent to remain up a platform that's safe and secured by SSL security technology. All users have the power to settle on and modify their platform regarding what's out there to fully completely different users.