What is the PPP500 List? | James Noble Law

Priority Property Pool

As a way of reducing lengthy delays, the Federal Circuit Court and Family Court of Australia developed the Priority Property Pool 500 List ( PPP500 ). This list deals with matters where the property pool is less than $500,000. The aim of the PPP500 pilot is to improve the responsiveness of the family court system and minimize risk and legal costs for vulnerable parties. At James Noble Law, we have achieved just, efficient and timely resolutions using the PPP500 pilot. For your case to be considered a PPP500 case, you need to meet the following requirements:

1. The net property pool (including superannuation) is, or is likely to be, $500,000 or less;
2. The property pool doesn’t consist of a company, family trusts, or self-managed superannuation funds owned or in the effective control of either party that may require valuation; and
3. Neither party is seeking parenting or child support orders. If parties are planning to seek parenting orders but would also like to be considered a PPP500 case, parenting applications must be filed separately with the court after the application is finalised.

A PPP500 case is commenced with the filing of an Initiating Application and a PPP500 Financial Summary form. Timely outcomes are achieved by waiving the requirement to file an Affidavit and Financial Statement until the Court directs a party to file either document or ADR is unsuccessful.