Streamlining E-Invoicing Integration: Your Gateway to Seamless Operations

In today's fast-paced business environment, the need for robust and reliable API gateways has never been more critical. Our comprehensive suite of e-Invoice APIs, E-Way Bill APIs, and GSP APIs ensures seamless connectivity and data exchange between your systems and government platforms.
Do you handle invoice data from multiple sources? Our APIs offer easy 2-way integration options with REST API or s-FTP-based batch input, enabling you to prepare accurate invoices effortlessly. Whether you need to transfer partial or full invoice data for corrections, tax determination, or PDF generation, our APIs have you covered.
With our multi-source data input capabilities, you can generate invoices using input data from multiple source files. Set up and periodically synchronize reference or master data, and transform data with ease using our flexible integration options.
Managing invoices at the location or branch level? Our solution allows you to upload or process invoices or waybills at the location level, automatically bridging data to GSTIN and organization levels. Enjoy reverse integration with ERP systems for seamless data flow.
Our high-performance GSP Gateway ensures secure and successful data exchange for your B2G transactions. With features like fault tolerance, auto-scaling, and near real-time synchronization, you can trust our platform to deliver exceptional performance.
Simplify the integration process and reduce maintenance overheads.
Access standard ERP extractors for SAP, Oracle, MS Dynamics, and more
Minimal changes are required to source systems with our custom APIs handling encryption, decryption, and session management.
Reduce integration time and effort by up to 50% based on proven results.
Flexible pricing options tailored to your business requirements.
Experience streamlined operations and competitive pricing options with our comprehensive API gateway and ERP extractors. Simplify integration, reduce maintenance, and unlock new efficiencies with o